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SME Digital Launches the Youthpreneur Program 

We are on a Mission to empower 2 Million Startups and Young Entrepreneurs with the Skills and Knowledge to succeed

"Our small and medium-sized enterprises are the life blood of our economy. They are the images that power growth and innovation. It is our duty to provide them with the necessary support and resources they need to flourish."

His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFRPresident, Commander-In-Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria 


It's the dawn of a New Era  

I welcome all business owners, founders, startups, entrepreneurs, youths and indeed all MSMEs in Nigeria and beyond, to the SME Digital Academy. We are committed to your growth and success as an entrepreneur and hence our mission is not just to educate but to empower and equip you with the tools and insights needed to thrive in the competitive landscape of the modern business world.
Whether you are an established business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or someone eager to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, our platform serves as your gateway to a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Each of our meticulously crafted courses is accompanied by a Certificate of Completion personally endorsed by the esteemed DG-SMEDAN, ensuring the credibility and recognition of your efforts and achievements.
As your DG/CEO, I can assure you that we will continue to design projects and programmes to elevate your business and give you the ecosystem to survive, thrive and scale your business. Envision a Nigeria where millions of businesses have knowledge of several areas - how to raise money, design pitch decks, use digital tools, know about eCommerce, customer service, sales & marketing, risk management, financial education, legal, insurance and much more. You will then understand that being an entrepreneur is not easy and it is only through adequate knowledge can we collectively build a thriving MSME sector.
Join our vibrant community of passionate individuals, and embark on a transformative journey that is not only about learning but also about innovation, growth, and the realization of your dreams. Together, let's pave the way for a prosperous and thriving SME landscape in Nigeria and beyond.


The SME Digital Academy was developed through a joint partnership between the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) and Sapphital Learning Ltd, and was unveiled by the Hon. Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investment, in November 2020, to be the official Digital Academy for all MSMEs in Nigeria.

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Empowering MSMEs and Entrepreneurs Across Africa

With over 41 million MSMEs across Nigeria and a continuous stream of new businesses established each month, often without a structured foundation, we recognize the vast potential of these enterprises. Despite their size, many of these businesses play a crucial role in creating employment at the grassroots level and have the potential to do even more. At SME Digital Academy, we are committed to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the next generation of entrepreneurs in Nigeria and across Africa. Our strategic objectives guide our mission and drive our efforts to make a significant impact on the business landscape.

  • Train 5 Million MSMEs in 4 Years 

    We are dedicated to providing high-quality education and training to 5 million Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) within the next four years.

  • Create 1 Million New Jobs

    Job creation is a cornerstone of economic development. We aim to create one million new jobs, contributing to reducing unemployment and fostering economic stability.

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    Empower 2 Million Young Nigerians to Startup New Businesses

    We recognize the potential and innovation of young entrepreneurs. Our objective is to empower two million young Nigerians to start their own businesses, nurturing the next generation of business leaders.

  • Grow Wealth and Revenue for MSMEs and the Government

    We believe in the prosperity of MSMEs and the benefits it brings to the entire economy. By helping MSMEs thrive, we indirectly contribute to the growth of wealth and revenue in the private sector. 

  • Build the Largest Digital Ecosystem for MSMEs in Africa

    We are committed to creating the most extensive digital ecosystem for MSMEs in Africa. This ecosystem will facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and provide access to digital tools, making MSMEs more competitive in the African market.


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Creative Skills 


Understanding Micro-insurance and Takaful for Small Businesses (Pidgin Version)

Una welcome to this very simple and interesting course on Insurance for Small Businesses - wey dem dey call Microinsurance. This course go teach you about how you go fit use insurance take protect your business and enjoy peace of mind. With insurance, you no go ever lose your source of income again.
Plenty examples wey you fit relate with dey inside this course. You go enjoy am. Watch am reach the end and learn, when you finish, you go get Certificate of Completion. That certificate dey very important. This course get the backing of the Oga Kpatakpata for Insurance matters for Nigeria – the National Insurance Commission wey dem dey call NAICOM.

Trending Courses For Month

Bead Making 101

Did you know that bead making has a long historic background in our culture? Recently, a lot of skills are evolving and the art of bead making is not left out. In this course, I will give you simple stylish bead techniques.

The A-Z of Fashion Design

There is no doubt fashion design has become highly competitive in the world today, for you to develop a career in this industry, you need to have some certain skills. This course is here to teach you the secrets and tricks you need to standout in the fashion world.

Creating Commercial-Quality Product Photos for Beginners

Building brand awareness for micro and small businesses to increase potential reach.Building brand awareness for micro and small businesses to increase potential reach.

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The SME Digital Academy has partnered with MTN, to bring business-focused trainings and developmental programmes to Nigerian MSMEs through specialized data bundles. Take Free Courses TODAY without losing your existing data.


The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) collaborates with Sapphital and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) to offer high quality courses on Financial Inclusion to individuals and MSMEs across Nigeria.



Announcing Zenith Bank's partnership with Sapphital and SMEDAN for the development of MSMEs across Nigeria.

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John Akunna CEO.AKUA LTD

Course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good, and working with other people via the Internet was good. The instructor did a good job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement. A lot of online courses fail because of isolation. I learned a lot.

Abba Ishaq Yusuf 

​I am Abba Ishaq Yusuf.I am among the participant of  NCC_SMEDAN DIGITAL TRAINING, its indeed and privilege for me to articulate my glad and appreciation to this training given to us.I have no dialect to thank you but all i can say is, my the Almighty reward you and we are really appreciate and we become highly stimulus. Thank you.

 Abdulrahman Aliyu Abdullahi from Kano State

I offered about eleven courses in those courses, there are some that made outstanding impact in the way i do and percieve my business.The first one is the mind mapping, it helps to isolate the noise around you and give you the ability to focus your effort on the important important information, thereby making you more productive at the same time increasing the tendency of success in your business.

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